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  • What equipment do I need?
    Your fitness coach will write a personalized training program based on whatever equipment you have access to. That means we can provide you with gym workouts, at-home workouts, or anything in between!
  • Do you provide meal plans?
    Only Registered Dietitians can write meal plans (this isn’t just an “us” thing, it’s a legal thing! So, if someone who isn’t an RD is telling you they can and will write you a meal plan, that’s an invitation to pause). We’re happy to provide meal templates and sample meals, but we truly value your autonomy and want to help you learn how to create a meal plan for yourself. We believe in “teaching someone to fish” vs. “giving someone a fish.”
  • What if I have dietary restrictions or want to follow a specific diet?
    That’s totally cool! Our coaches have worked with clients who are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, pescatarian, and everything in between. The beauty of macro tracking is that it gives you the autonomy to choose your food sources based on your preferences, needs, etc.
  • Do I need a gym membership?
    While it’s recommended and preferred, you’re not required to have a gym membership! Many of our clients have a home gym (whether it’s elaborate or more basic), apartment gym, etc. Your fitness coach will take into consideration the equipment you have access to when they write your training plan.
  • Do you work with beginners?
    Absolutely! We LOVE helping clients start on a solid foundation in their fitness journey. We’re here to help you skip a lot of the industry BS and noise so that you can start on the best footing. Our science-based fitness coaching will teach you good habits from the start and help you skip all the fad diets and restrictive practices you often see online.
  • Can you work with injuries?
    We sure can! We cannot provide physical therapy services, but your fitness coach can modify your training programming to accommodate your injuries.
  • What if I live outside of the United States?
    We love that! We have clients from all over the globe. We’ve coached clients in the US, Australia, BVI, Europe, etc. We’re worldwide, baby!

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