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Like I said....

I have had a life long interest in fitness, however in 2006 my perspectives on physical training and health was drastically changed when my back was broken in an accident. After surgery, they installed metal bracing on my vertebrae to stabilize my spine. I struggled with rehabilitation and doubted if I would ever regain my full physical abilities again. My recovery was the beginning of a journey that would lead to years of education and experience with the different philosophies and methodologies of fitness and physical training. I learned about diet, nutrition, physical therapy, yoga, mobility, metabolic training and weightlifting.

In 2011, I was exposed to CrossFit and my perspective once gain evolved. As I witnessed first-hand the remarkable capabilities of CrossFit athletes my perceptions around what the female body was capable of were drastically altered. I was compelled to question the basic assumptions of what ‘healthy’ meant and the conventional definition of fitness I had learned. I became an avid CrossFit practitioner and would go on to not only far exceed my pre-injury health and capabilities but to shatter any ideas I had around my personal limits. I have become stronger, healthier, happier and more confident person than I ever was before.

Since then I have transitioned to strength training and building as much strength and hypertrophy as possible. I put a strong emphasis on form to ensure my lifts are performed safely and injury-free.


I continue to challenge myself to grow and am constantly learning from other fitness practitioners and the evolving science of health and fitness.


In 2020, I decided to use my knowledge and experience to begin teaching other women about fitness and health. I started out as an in person coach and then during the COVID-19 pandemic successfully transitioned to providing virtual coaching to clients. The Sculpted Female Formula is a culmination of years of education and training packed into a program designed to efficiently deliver life changing results to women who are serious about taking their health into their own hands.


I have Personal Training certificates from NESTA as well as OFNC and I am currently completing a StrongLifting Certification through the Bret Contreras Academy. I am also a certified yoga instructor through Gioconda Parker (RYT-200) and possess a nutrition coaching certificate from Working Against Gravity (WAG). WAG is the preferred nutrition agency for many elite athletes including top CrossFit Games competitors such as Katrin Davidsdottir, Camille Leblanc Bazinet, Brooke Wells, Brooke Ence and Cole Sager.

I'm Kendra.png


Hey, I’m Kendra and I love being an assistant coach with the Sculpted Female Formula!


I am a proud and very busy mom of 2! Once I became a mom, I lost sight of who I was and fitness wasn’t even an option in my mind. I felt I needed to take care of everyone else first and I didn’t prioritize myself. I know what it’s like to get off of work and force yourself to go to the gym when it’s the very last thing you want to do. I know what it feels like to skip dessert after dinner because you’re “trying to be good” and then binge eat 2 king size Reese’s and shove the evidence at the bottom of the trash can. BEEN THERE. DONE THAT.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. I finally found balance when I hired my first trainer ever. It was eye opening. I could see progress without killing myself in the gym 7 days a week. There weren’t any food restrictions. Because of this realistic balance, I became so obsessed that I decided to pursue my dream of becoming certified in fitness and nutrition after putting it off for years.


I am a certified online fitness and nutrition coach through OFNC and a certified WAG coach. With these certifications I am able to help you achieve your fitness goals as well as help you understand nutrition and macros.

I want to help other mamas find themselves again and gain the confidence we sometimes lose as we take care of our precious families before we take care of ourselves. My goal is to help you find a lifestyle that works for you.

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